Franz Biber

Stormdorf's Hunter


This small, slight man is dressed in rugged outdoor clothes of greens and browns. He is much tougher than he looks, honed by years spent hunting in the wilderness. Clean-shaven, with close-cropped fair hair, his blue eyes dart suspiciously everywhere. Tight-lipped, he uses words sparingly, and his movement and mannerisms are always precise. He never parts with his strong, yew bow. A large hunting knife is sheathed at his side, a quarrel of arrows slung over one shoulder, and a tough leather backpack over the other.

Bieber is the best hunter around, and easily the best shot in Stromdorf. He has encyclopaedic knowledge of the Oberslecht, often penetrating deep into the marshes to bag game: geese for flesh, mink for fur, and giant beaver for its musk and tail – a delicacy among the nobility. He disappears for weeks at a time, and when he emerges from the swamplands, his hunting spoils are piled high on a makeshift sledge. He never talks about his experiences there.

Bieber has few friends, except Sebastien Brenner, for whom he provides meat for the pot in return for free ale whenever he is in town. He spends all his spare time at the Thunderwater Inn, drink- ing alone in the chair closest the fire. This is always kept empty for him, even when he is away. The locals warn off anyone from sitting there – woe betide a stranger stealing Bieber’s seat!

Added: Franz has followed the PCs in the Oberslecht and was present for the messy situation with the Holtzes and Foaldeath the Beastman Shaman. He was gravely wounded and sick upon his return to Stormdorf and has been recovering at the Thunderwater inn. While he has recovered from his wounds, his sickness has been deepening.


Franz Biber

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