Heavy waterproof material for extremely wet weather


Heavy leather cloth waterproofed with linseed oil (highly flammable). This item can be later upgraded to extreme cold weather gear for a base price of 150 silver. It includes a hood, a high collar, above the knee boots and a coat.


  • Superior item: Provide a [F] to resilience checks related to any wet environment (@ GM Discretion). For example: Overnight resilience check when sleeping outdoors under the rain, or in a swamp.
  • Provide the wearer with the “Weatherbeaten – Wet Weather” talent that can be socketed to any talent slot. The wearer must however socket this talent to receive the benefits. If all characters in a party wear the oilskin, the party may choose to socket the talent to the party sheet instead.


  • An oilskin will received the “Damaged” condition if the wearer receives at least two critical wounds. Damaged oilskin loose the benefit of the “Weatherbeaten – Wet Weather” talent but not the superior item benefit.
  • An oilskin will be destroyed if the “Damaged” condition is received twice. To repair the oilskin when it is “Damaged”, a leather sewing kit is necessary, and an Hard (3d) Coordination or Average (2d) Dwarf Engineering/Tradecraft check. If a character acquires the specialization “Sewing”, the check difficulty is reduced by 1 level.

Encumbrance: 2


This item was bought in Stormdorf, at a discounted price of 75s (instead of 150s base price) for the town is a major trade of leather and oilskin clothes. In addition, the party received a small keg (~2 gallons) of linseed oil and a leather sewing kit.


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