Captain Arno Knessler

Stormdorf's Watch Captain


Kessler has a thin, humourless face and a long waxed moustache. A black leather eye-patch covers his right eye. His good eye has a piercing stare. He sports a black wide-brimmed flat hat set at a rak- ish angle, and wears a breastplate over his black jerkin and close- fitting hose, both fashionably slashed. His left arm ends in a stump. A splendid sword of superior craftsmanship dangles at his belt.

Kessler was a sergeant in an Altdorf regiment until he lost his hand and eye fighting greenskins ten years ago. Handicapped, he was lucky to land a job as Stromdorf ’s watch captain – a post left empty for years. He has since shaped the watch and militia into a credible force. He despises fools and timewasters, and folk fear his barbed tongue. Utterly loyal to Adler, his blunt, undiplomatic method of stewardship bristles the town elders.


Captain Arno Knessler

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